Terrigal CBD & Hylton Moore Stormwater Harvesting Scheme

CLIENT: Gosford City Council

Scape was engaged by Gosford City Council for the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning of two stormwater storage and treatment facilities as well as reticulation located at Hylton Moore Park East Gosford and Terrigal CBD. Both plants include the diversion of water from existing culverts, storage in underground storage tanks, treatment, and reticulation.

The filtration is a multi barrier filtration system consisting of several stages of filtrations ranging from gross pollutant removal, pre filtering, removal of oils and greases, coagulant dosing / injection, media filtration, carbon filtering, UV filtration, chlorine dosing, PH monitoring. The water is used to irrigate Hylton Moore Park, Terry Oval, Terrigal Bowling Greens, The Haven Oval and to provide non-potable water for the Crowne Plaza at Terrigal for toilet flushing, commercial laundry use and makeup water for cooling towers. The scope included:

  • Design of Water Treatment Plant and submission of all design documentation
  • Supply, & Install Water Treatment Plant and Equipment
  • Construct all Civil works related WTPs, foundations (piles), concrete RC slabs, steel works and associated site works (conc paving, fencing, services)
  • Construct WTPs facility to house dosing equipment and all other associated control equipment
  • Supply & Installation of all WTP ancillaries
  • Supply & Installation of all electrical and control equipment
  • Testing Commissioning & Proof of Performance