North Shelly Beach Stair

CLIENT: Wyong Shire Council

Scape was engaged to construct composite fibre and recycled plastic stairs and strip footings, piles, framing, stairs and handrails and restoration of the site. The new stairs provide access for the community to North Shelly Beach.The structure called for strip footings, a composite fibre frame and recycled plastic stairs. The levels of the dune also needed to be reshaped to match the proposed design levels.The scope of the work under the contract included the following:

  • Transport of the materials to the site
  • Supply and installation of footings and piles
  • Construction of stairs
  • Pedestrian and traffic management
  • Careful removal of the existing handrail for access
  • Reshaping of sand around footings and piles to meet levels shown on design
  • Restoration of the existing handrail at the completion of works
  • Restoration of disturbed areas at the completion of works