Mudflat Creek Stage 3 Drainage

CLIENT: Gosford City Council

The drainage works performed for Gosford City Council required dredging, widening and rock lining of approximately 85 metres of Mudflat Creek, upstream of Noble Rd, Killcare.

The project required extensive environmental management as the works were undertaken in an active waterway and were affected by tidal movements, inclement weather and continual creek flows.

The scope included:

  • Removal and disposal of trees, shrubs and vegetation
  • Perform all excavation, dredging, reshaping, regrading and rock lining to drainage channel andtwin pipe outlet channel and embankments
  • Crushed rock for sandstone placement oncreek walls and channel bed.
  • Supply and lay sandstone logs
  • Supply and lay rock bar structure across the full width of the creek channel and embedded into the creek bed to control flow and siltbuild up
  • Connect private property drainage pipe outlets to new drainage channel
  • Construct and maintain cofferdam including dewatering and diversion of creek water around work site
  • Remove and dispose of excess riprap causing silt build up on existing rock bar
  • Excavate, test, treat and dispose of all material in accordance with Acid SulfateTreatment Management Plan
  • Restoration of affected fencing along property boundaries and all other siterestoration including turf to re-establish site to original condition.