Merewether Public Domain

CLIENT: Newcastle City Council

Scape Constructions was engaged by Newcastle City Council to carry out works in Merewether Public Domain to widen the shared pathway, and provide a new viewing promenade. The works included realignment of the road corridor at the southern end of John Parade, and replacement of the existing pedestrian path and edge beam.


The works which formed the basis of the contract are as follows:

  • Protection of the existing dune system
  • Demolition of the existing edge beam and concrete path
  • Construction of a new concrete path with integral edge beam, pole footings, kerb and textured “rumble strip”
  • Provision of electrical conduit and rag bolt assemblies
  • Construction of new beach access stairs
  • Construction of new viewing promenade, seating and break out for cafe
  • Reconstruction of existing vehicle ramp