Kibble Park Stage 5 Update – 15 April 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stage 5 Construction works on Kibble Park are progressing well since Scape Constructions Pty Ltd took possession of the site on 16th March 2009. Demolition, and excavation works are well underway with the most obvious transformation to date being the removal of the wisteria covered walkway in William Street. The new walkway along William Street south side wide will feature an all weather shade sail providing protection for pedestrians making their way between Imperial Centre and Town Centre. The new footpath along this section will be widened to 4 metres and is expected to be completed and available for pedestrian use in early May 2009. Additionally, this section of road will incorporate two disabled parking spaces to the east of the pedestrian crossing, outside the entrance to Imperial Centre, and the standard parallel parking spaces will be reinstalled.

The native Cabbage Tree Palms have been removed from Kibble Park and will be relocated to other reserves across the LGA while the Cccos Palms have been removed. Gum trees and other plantings will replace the Cocos Palms along Donnison Street and in front of Kibble Park Cafe. The pond has been drained and the Koi were relocated to new home with assistance from the Koi Society of Australia. The northern end of the Eliza Street road reserve has also been transformed with drainage installed and the area cleared to provide space for the children’s playground, seating and shade sails.

Expressions of Interest to operate the Kibble Park Cafe closed on 25 March and Council Staff are currently assessing all submissions.

Heavy rain over the past few weeks has slightly hampered construction work however Scape Constructions Pty Ltd are confident that the project remains on track for completion in August 2009.